Amazon Web Services: Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users and Beyond


AWS 1MIL Users Solution

Don’t you get goosebumps just looking at this?

If you have not already watched it, this talk by Joel Williams (Solutions Architect for AWS) is a must watch for anyone remotely interested in Amazon Web Services. He lays out exactly how to use AWS to create an infinitely scalable web solution using a plethora of services provided by AWS, including some standard examples,  EC2, RDS, ELB, and some more uncommon solutions like OpsWorks and Lambda (although it’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds). His whole system starts in what may be a controversial way when he says to use a relational database(MySQL in this example) and build from there. He does later cover use cases for NoSQL and the DynamoDB service, too … very cool stuff.

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