AWS US East (Ohio) Region Now Open!

A new AWS Region with three more AZs! This is exciting news for everyone, but the Midwest and Ohio especially…

14 Regions, 38 Availability Zones, and Counting
Today’s [Oct 17] launch of this 3-AZ Region expands our global footprint to a grand total of 14 Regions and 38 Availability Zones. We are also getting ready to open up a second AWS Region in China, along with other new AWS Regions in Canada, France, and the UK.

Other than my enthusiasm, there is not much reason for this post or new information that you can not readily find elsewhere or (Jeff Barr’s post), but I’ll highlight some points anyway …

  • It has the full breadth (all the goodies) of AWS services available as mentioned in Jeff Barr’s Post.
  • Direct Connect in Chicago (Equinix CH1-CH2 & CH4) via US East (Ohio) Region.
    (10 ms latency to ORD)
  • Working together with Ohio State University to provide AWS Direct Connect access to OARnet.
    (The network backbone lines to Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo provide those communities with Ethernet capacity of 100 gigabits per second)
  • 12 ms of round-trip latency between US East (Ohio) and US East (Northern Virginia)
  • The Region supports all sizes of C4, D2, I2, M4, R3, T2, and X1 instances.
    (instances must be launched within a Virtual Private Cloud)

Anyone want to take a field trip to see the new datacenter?


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