SEO South Bend – How to Show Up for Local Searches on Google

Do you own a business in the South Bend area?

I would like to help you with your local SEO for South Bend!

I have lived in the Greater South Bend area my whole life and I enjoy working with local individuals and businesses to help them achieve a greater presence online.

Local search SEO is often overlooked when a site is being designed or built. This can cause some frustration, especially if you just paid someone to build a website for you.

Having a website with no visitors is like the South Bend Cubs playing with empty stands! It’s no fun!

I specialize in making sure your site is found and visitors of your site become customers. Here are some tricks and tips to help you show up under local search results!

notice: This guide will work for any city or town to help you boost your local SEO scores, but the references and examples are specific to South Bend.

If at any point, you need clarification or technical help, click here: South Bend SEO Help!

Just follow these 4 simple steps and you will be ahead of the curve in regards to Local SEO in South Bend

1. Register your South Bend business with Google My Business.

Click here: Google My Business

Then click the big green “START NOW” button and follow the prompts.

2. Reference other locations or landmarks in the area.

This lets Google and other search engines know you are associated in some way with the surrounding area.

Examples for SEO in South Bend:

Local Theatre – The Morris Civic in South Bend

Local Library – St. Joseph County Public Library)

Local Parks – Seitz Park, Leeper Park Tennis Center

Other Local Businesses – Nom Nom Pho in South Bend, Fiddler’s Hearth Pub

Schools in the Area – The St. Joseph County School Corporation Headquarters is located in Downtown South Bend, which includes a list of 33 schools.

3. Link to other local web sites (get return links if possible).

Link to the City/Town’s website:
City of South Bend, IN

Include a link to the County’s Site:
St. Joseph County, IN

Local Chamber of Commerce site:
South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce

Does your city have an airport?
South Bend International Airport

4. Optimize your own site with local/address information.

This may seem obvious, but I have seen many sites for local businesses that do not have local contact information. Sometimes even lacking a phone number.
– Your business address, retail location, contact info(phone), mailing address

That is a lot to take in, but if you go through it all step by step your business will not only be Officially listed on Google now!

As a bonus, it will start to show up for other search queries related to your business, as well.

There is a lot more involved in setting up SEO for your site/business, but this will put you ahead of the game. Good luck!

If you want to really blow your competition out of the water, get in touch here: Contact Caleb, Local SEO expert in South Bend. I can make myself available to you for a free consultation and make some recommendations on what you can do next.

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