Goal based growth through analytics & niche marketing

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Communication is key. I am available for any questions or concerns you may have at (almost) any time.

Data Collection

The collection of data begins – from your site visitors, customers, and available sales data.

Plan Creation

Together, we build a realistic strategy that aligns with your overall goals and vision.

Plan execution

Then, we put everything in place and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Need a website? Have an unfinished Website? Have a website but no visitors? Need help selling products on the web, amazon, ebay?

Intentional Action

The best marketing is subtle.
Improve your online presence, exponentially.

My goal is to help customers find you, inform them of why you do what you do, then let them press GO.

I help increase your market reach by refining the technical SEO as well as improving the softer side, the content. Your site will be found more often, by the right people, and for the right reasons. Once the visitors reach your site, the discovery begins.

I use the latest techniques, algorithms, and best practices to craft marketing campaigns using email, web push, automation, and mobile notifications with highly-targeted messages and calls-to-action.

If I've done my job correctly, nobody will know I've done anything at all...

  • Informing, not selling.

  • Increase your reach.

  • Cutting-edge tools.

  • Avoiding mass marketing.

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